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Poison Ivy Costume | Sexy Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes | All About Poison Ivy


You can become a fancy dress party voluptuous villain in a Poison Ivy Costume

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Compare UK prices for Poison Ivy Costumes

Uma Thurman really wowed movie audiences as Batman’s enemy Poison Ivy - now you can dress to thrill in your own Poison Ivy outfit.

We’ve tracked down the best prices for outfits from Ebay and leading UK fancy dress stores including Jokers Masquerade, Angels Fancy Dress, Escapade and Party Box.

Poison Ivy - renowned for her deadly poisonous kiss - is a great character to get heads turning when your arrive at a fancy dress party in a raunchy green Poison Ivy fancy dress outfit.

If you can’t find a costume that appeals to you, why not take a look at our very impressive range of other sexy and daring fancy dress costumes for ladies and girls including Batgirl costume, Wonder Woman costume, French Maid costume, Nurse outfit, Catwoman, Tinkerbell and Miss Santa costume.

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Grab the limelight at a party dressed as Poison Ivy

If you want to make a big impression at a fancy dress party or other costume event, you should definitely consider making your grand appearance in a raunchy Poison Ivy fancy dress outfit.

Anyone who has seen the 1997 Batman and Robin movie will know how captivating actress Uma Thurman was in the role of Poison Ivy. You certainly don’t want to mess with this villainess with a deadly poisonous kiss.

There are plentyof daring and sexy costumes for ladies in teenage girls available these days - including Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Cleopatra, French maid, bunny girl, saucy schoolgirl and lady pirate - but few are as eye-grabbing as Poison Ivy.

If you are the adventures type and like to catch the attention of men when you arrive at a party, then you really can’t go wrong if you turn up decked out in Poison Ivy fancy dress outfit. Poison Ivy outfits are not as readily available as some other flirty outfits, but we’ve tracked down the best ones currently on sale at UK fancy dress stores including Party Box, Jokers Masquerade, Angels Fancy Dress and shopping auction giant Ebay.

Poison ivy outfits are available in various sizes so you just need to select the SHOP NOW button for each costume to find out full product details. A Poison Ivy outfit will normally cost between £30 and £50, and usually comprises a green leotard, light green tights, boot tops and a long red wig.

A Poison Ivy fancy dress outfit is a super choice any occasion we need to dress up - maybe you’re attending a fancy dress birthday party, Christmas party, Halloween party or a hen party with some of your female friends.  Whatever the event your costume was certainly get everyone talking.

When you slip into the persona of Poison Ivy, all your usual inhibitions will vanish and you can really get down to some fun, taunting everyone who stands in your way with the threat of a poisonous kiss.

If you can want to know more about Poison Ivy there’s plenty of information on our Poison Ivy story page.

And if you are going to a fancy dress party with your husband, boyfriend or partner, why not stick to the Batman movie theme have become the perfect double act by getting them to wear a Batman, Robin or Joker costume?

Poison Ivy outfit - get dressed to thrill for your big night out

There’s no messing around with Poison Ivy - she’s a woman determined to get her way and woe betide anyone who tries to stand in her way. This is a fancy dress outfit for the woman who is bold and adventurous, not for the meek and mild sort who are better off with a Tinkerbell or Cinderella costume.

You really will be dressed to thrill in a Poison Ivy fancy dress outfit - you’ll certainly get heads turning when you arrive at a party in this dazzling outfit.

Poison Ivy is a fictional character - real name Pamela Lillian Isley - who was DC Comics creation of Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. She made her first appearance in a Batman comic in 1966. She is portrayed as one of world’s main eco-terrorists and is obsessed with plant life, the environment and botany. She is an enemy of Batman and is immune to the effects of plant-based toxins and she uses the hypnotic variety to gain control of others around her.

If you want to really look the part you can add Poison Ivy make-up to your eyebrows using green, black and orange face paint. And for extra impact why not treat yourself to a pair of long leather of silk gloves like those worn by Uma Thurman in the Batman and Robin film?

If you don’t see A Poison Ivy outfit that catches your eye, we invite you to take a look at our other ladies costumes - we have an extensive range of stylish outfits including saucy superhero outafits, schoolgirl, nurse, nun, Catwoman, Bunny Girl, Tinkerbell, Wonder Woman, French maid, pirate, Lady Gaga, fairy and Queen of Hearts costumes.

Poison Ivy is a great choice of outfit to wear for a fancy dress party. This sexy outfit is very popular with teenage girls and ladies who want to look a bit daring when they turn up at a party.

Fancy dress outfits are normally available in various sizes for ladies and girls so you shouldn't have any problem finding a Poison Ivy outfit that fits you perfectly for your special night out.

Poison Ivy is a female villain who is an enemy of Batman and Uma Thurman took on the role of playing her in the popular Batman and Robin movie which was released in 1997. Poison Ivy fancy dress wear consists of a green leotard or skiirt, tights and a bright red wig. If you want to attend a party dressed as Poison Ivy - a scheming temptress who can kill men with a poisonous kiss – you’re sure to catch the attention of everyone at the event

The saucy Poison Ivy party fancy dress costume is a super choice for a birthday, Christmas or Halloween party, or if you are going out with female friends on a hen night. Hen parties are usually lively affairs when the alcohol gets flowing and many ladies like to add to the excitement of the evening by wearing a raunchy fancy dress outfit.

Women and girls can now dress to thrill at any fancy dress party looking like one of Batman's main enemies Poison Ivy. This villainous character first appeared in a Batman comic book in 1966. Fancy dress parties are all the trend nowadays, so why not turn up to one dressed as this great female character? Poison Ivy is not really the nasty woman's real name though - her real name is Pamela Lillian Isley. Poison Ivy killed her victims by kissing them and her costume looked just like ivy.

There are plenty of sexy fancy dress costumes available to buy these days but Poison Ivy makes a super choice for anyone who wants to get heads turning when arriving at a party. And if you are attending with a male partner, why not stick to the Batman theme and get him to arrive as another evil villain, wearing a Bane mask and costume.

If you’re looking for something sexy, but stylish, why not buy a cheap quality Poison Ivy party outfit and impress all your friends - and perhaps make a few new enemies!


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